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“Impressive fireworks of magic and high-fantasy that segue into a contemporary thriller” – Andreea Daia

“Ruthless Russian Mafia type mob boss pulling all the strings in New York City, up-and-coming young mobster playing the angles, tech-savy ex IRA schemer, deadly dangerous beautiful women, ex Navy Seal cop on the hunt for the bad guys. What more could you want? Agents of an ancient evil behind the scenes controlling everything? That’s in here too. Good, fast-paced thriller with hidden New Age message.”  – Jim Heter

“Richard, you have got a nice plot for your story. Your narrative is excellent; you depict your scenes really well. The characters are well-drawn and their dialogues are befitting. It is an entertaining read and should be popular with the genre readers. Very highly rated” –  Aminul Ruhul

“Your flowing narrative works well here to tell your story” – Su Dan

“Colorful characters and an interesting premise! This has a lot of promise, I’m interested to see where it leads!” – Aliya M.

“I took to this straight away; the gangster theme comes across very well, not overdone and very believable. Billy Bayer, being driven along Fifth Avenue in his black limo already making his mark in the underworld and he’s not happy that the web site isn’t to his liking yet…heads will surely role. I like the way Billy first comes into contact with Victor kadezi, a New York gangster, well known for his notoriety. The big guy bumping into the little guy in order to get into a conversation with him. The best thing Billy did was to avoid an argument, I thought. It was a setup though for Victor to take him under his wing knowing the potential of Billy to get on in life even if that came under illegality. I’ve only read the start of the book but the author’s writing tells me it’s going to be a thrilling read. Good dialogue and description make the book stand out!” – Neville Kent

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