When I first started writing my novel in September last year, I registered www.thelemurianprophecy.com. It was only several months later that I decided to change the title of my novel to The Lemurian. Tonight, I thought I’d register thelemurian.com but found that it had been registered already by another author who had published a novel by the same name. The eery thing was, his main character’s name is Mya where mine is Mala. And the story, of course, is also based on the mythical continent of Lemuria. At first, I thought that he had stolen my idea (from part of the story that I had released an an author-sharing site) but then, upon closer inspection, I found that his novel was published in 2008. Here is his website: www.thelemurian.com. I just tried emailing him to share my story and to offer him a complimentary copy of my novel when published but my mail to him bounced…

I am still in the middle of editing (thank goodness) otherwise I may have published the book under this title! Oh well, now it’s back to deciding on a new title… any ideas?




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