OK, so the first thing that comes to mind when you see SF is Science Fiction, right? Well it is for me in any event. Yes, Return To Lemuria may have elements of science fiction but my understanding of science fiction novels are the ones that involve stories of space exploration, robots and aliens, of which my novel bears no similarity at all.

Just recently, my wife Adele came across a genre that I believe perfectly defines my novel, Return To Lemuria. It’s called Speculative Fiction. The irony is that world-renowned science fiction author, Robert Heinlein is attributed this genre, who coined it a 1947 editorial essay. Speculative fiction is a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.

Return To Lemuria has all of this and more. It’s a story set in the present day but draws on the plausible existence of the descendants of an ancient, highly advanced civilisation, that lived on a continent in the pacific that disappeared at the time of the last ice age, over 12,000 years ago. It’s an action-packed thriller of a tale, filled with adventure, mystery and intrigue. For a free sample, reviews or to purchase a paperback or digital edition, please visit richardgradner.com


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