Life’s Gift

My eyes stung in the bright, reflective glare from the surreal landscape as I gazed wistfully out of the cabin window. White, fluffy, misshapen shapes floated eerily in the air between the metallic craft and the ground below. Suspended moisture made visible through the laws of Mother Nature. The pressurised environment belied the stark reality of the world just beyond a few centimetres of flexi-proof glass – minus fifty degrees and hardly any oxygen. Man’s truly amazing progress reminded me that almost anything is achievable on this amazing planet of ours.

I sat back into my seat on board another business trip from Cape Town to Joburg. The City of Gold. I closed my eyes to contemplate the balance of all things. The gift called Life and it’s many facets. Humankind’s consistent drive to succeed, to compete, to do better but most importantly of all, to be remembered. Most of us believe that there’s a higher power out there and that we were made “in his image”. My belief is that G-d created the world as we know it to share his goodness with us, which makes sense when we all seem to have this innate desire to ultimately do something good. But the question remains – why is there a desire to be remembered? The difference between man and G-d, is that man is finite. Man has a window within which to live his life, to do good with a desire to succeed. I guess this is part of the ego, the self. The self that has an expiry date, an ultimate end, that must accomplish things and then leave behind some kind of legacy. A self-centered urge to be remembered…

Aaaaah. Such is life…


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