So, it’s taken me some time to write another blog post, because I have been hard at work planning my next novel, and wasn’t sure if I should share the theme of the story as yet. I am juxtaposed between keeping it a secret until I’m almost ready to publish and leaking some clues as to where I’m going. 

What I can tell you for sure, is that the genre is still speculative fiction. SP is the kind of fiction that had its foundations in some kind of plausible story that might have happened or could very well happen. It is fiction based on supernatural or fantastical elements set in the past or future. 

My new story takes place during the time of the Indus River Valley Civilisation that actually existed around 5,000 years ago, in what is today, Pakistan. It follows the adventures of a young boy, Halim, who must embark on an exciting quest, to find a distant land, save his father, and seek enlightenment in the process. It draws on a combination of fact and fiction that results in a tale of adventure, magic and suspense.

More to follow soon…


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