Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words; Watch Your Words, They Become Actions.

There is so much wisdom in this quote; a passage that still, to this day, has a most mysterious origin. It has been enunciated in a plethora of texts and verses across many different cultures, all with the same inherent warning. 

In Judaism, it is believed that the Creator of the universe spoke the world into being with the power of His voice and breathed His breath into Adam to create the first true man. It was the power of His voice again, this time uttering the first two commandments, that the Children of Israel witnessed beneath Mount Sinai several thousand years ago; a voice so powerful and omnipotent, that it blasted their souls right out of their bodies. 

The Hindu Vedas, ancient, spiritual texts, thousands of years old, talk more about thoughts and how they hold great power in our lives. “As you think, so you become” is agreed by many to represent the greatest foundational understanding of what it means to be conscious – that your very thoughts will affect your life and the way in which you live it.

The late Dr Masaru Emoto, famous for his findings on human consciousness and it’s affect on water, showed how thought, yes just thought, not even the spoken word, has an effect on water at the molecular level. Positive thought directed at a body of water a long distance away makes the water purer and cleaner, while negative thought makes it impure and stagnant. This was proven when Emoto photographed the affected molecules at a microscopic level.

In today’s society, we are all guilty of allowing our egos to control our thoughts and actions to some degree. This prevents us from connecting to our true selves, which stifles our true potential as individuals. Mindful activities such as meditation, yoga and positive intention give us the weapons to fight this spiritual and psychological battle in our minds, with the objective of becoming good, honest, self-aware individuals on a path of enlightenment and selfless piety.

It all comes down to choice. Free will. We can choose to think depressing thoughts that encourage doubt and negativity, poisoning the mind in the process, or we can choose happiness, positivity and purity in conduct and behaviour. The key to unlocking our true spiritual identity is hidden in the chaos of our negative thoughts. 

What do you choose?

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