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I’m about 20% into writing my next novel, so I thought that it was time to share some of my enlightening experience, without giving too much away of course!

Although this is my third novel, it’s very different from the first two. In fact, all three novels are very different from each other. My first novel was an incredible learning experience. While I was writing, I was learning about the craft, how to write, edit and publish both online and in printed format. My first novel is a magical tale about Lemuria, a long lost continent, and how its descendants plan to take over the world.

My second novel, Unicorn, is set in Harappa, in the Indus River Valley, over 5,000 years ago. Harappa is an ancient city in what is today, Turkey. Ancient carvings, consisting of a variety of animals such as tigers, elephants and buck were found on stone seals that are believed to have been used for trading purposes. There was one stone seal, however, of a four-legged creature with one horn, known as the unicorn seal…

My latest novel is a rich, educational experience. It’s called Servant of Memory and it’s about an individual that gets reincarnated into multiple lives, each one set during an important time in human history. As a result of this storyline, I have learnt many fascinating, historical facts

Marco Polo embarked on a three-year journey from Italy to Cathay (present day China) where he spent many years in the service of Kublai Khan, the great Mongolian emperor. A few hundred years later, inspired by Polo’s travels, Christopher Columbus, decided to sail west, thinking he could reach Cathay and India much quicker from the other side. Naturally, he misjudged the distance and landed in the Bahamas, believing he was in India, which is why this area is called the West Indies. He called the natives Indians as a result, a name that has stuck to the present day and is the same name given to the American Indians and all other natives of South America

These and many more historical gems have been written into my story that culminates in an exciting twist in the tale. Watch this space for more…

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