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Contrary to what most people believe, the blurb at the back of a book is not simply a summary of the story, it is an advert for the book itself. It needs to hook the reader into wanting to know more after every single sentence. To get this just right is probably one of the most challenging tasks for any author because it really needs the opinions of people not directly engaged in the story.

This is why I have decided to test it in public before finalising it on my novel. I have already spent many hours drafting several versions of the blurb for Servant of Memory and this one is probably not my last. Please be so kind as to have a look and let me know if it entices you or misses the mark in any way no matter how small.

Muchas gracias ????????

“Bound by the shackles of time, Elijah Levy is in his 14th reincarnation, and on the brink of a sensational discovery that will give him the power to share his accumulated memories with the rest of the world.

But there is one memory, in particular, that attracts the attention of an evil organisation who threatens to embroil him in its iniquitous affairs. It concerns the Primordial Stone, a mythical talisman, infused with the power that was used to ignite the universe into being.

Elijah finds himself in the centre of a mystery far larger than he could ever have imagined, when he must fight to discover his true purpose and save the life of Katy Saunders, the beautiful girl of his dreams.”

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