“Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.”

We float, as it were, along the river of life, mistaken in the belief that it’s a river of our own creation…

And then, the river turns, quite abruptly, like an unexpected *chevron in the road that leaves us all bewildered like deers frozen from the glare of that shiny, yellow, luminous tape.

We flow in a new direction as we succumb to the universal truth…

That this is a new beginning. A new start. And the opportunities are boundless. We need just open our eyes to see.

Today it really began. For the first time I glimpsed the golden horizon. Longing for the old is gradually being replaced with a yearning for the new, and boy, is it gonna be exciting! ❤️

*Chevron is old French and means a “pair of rafters”. Rafter comes from the word raft, a wooden floating vessel.

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